Thursday, May 7, 2009


I found this pic on my photobucket page. This is Merlin the magician.


I went to his magic show at the rib trader for my birthday, not when i was a kid or anything, but my last birthday in march. I'm 29. He started off by crop dusting me as he was taking the order from the table behind us. Gross. He must eat there. You can't tell in the pic but he's a pretty greasy dude. Stains on his magic robe and just a bit of dinner left in his beard. Awesome. Oh, did i mention he was clearly high and most likely a little tipsy. This guy's the best. The show was all second rate magic tricks and dumb jokes but i was crowned king of the rib trader so it ruled. Thanks Merlin.

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  1. Simultaneously the most entertaining/horrifying night of my life.