Thursday, May 28, 2009

im all about these guys. group doueh ya'll.

sublime frequencies put out a couple of their records. highly recommended.

group inerane ya'll.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i chose the wrong career.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hot 92.3

Hot 92.3 is the only radio station i listen to anymore.

I've had this song stuck in my head for a week and even find myself singing it out loud..... which can be weird when you work around a bunch of kids. who cares, it's the bomb mom.

At least im not the only one.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sean Z.

Sean Zastoupil is a dancer/actor/model i was lucky enough to stumble upon a few years ago.
Sean came into my radar when my friend Eric and i took a trip down to laguna beach because the cast of the hit show "laguna beach" was going to be doing an appearance at a church or something. We didn't know what to expect when we showed up but what we got was 300 teenage girls standing in a line.
Naturally we felt right at home. No we didn't. What creeps. I remember feeling really awkward but we got in line anyway. Good call. When we got to the front of the line they gave us a couple raffle tickets that we threw in some box. I think you could when a cruise and other "great prizes". Foreshadowing. We go hide in a corner and the raffle starts. So much garbage. Tanning salon coupons, BEBE shirts and a bunch of pink stuff. Sure as shit Erics number is called. I remember screaming really loud because he gets embarrassed easily and i'm a jerk like that. So he goes up and collects his bounty which was a pink puffy vest. Yes. Along with the vest he got a goodie bag full of random junk (so i thought). We hung out for a while and ended up seeing the fat girl and the one with big boobs. No LC or Kristen. Balls. We split and head back to his place a little rattled but still very excited. When we got there we parked on the sofa and started digging through the goodie bag. Coupons, stickers, fliers and what we thought was a cdr. It wouldn't play in the stereo so i took it out and sure enough it was a dvd. Oh boy. This is what we saw.

Rugged. I hope you watched the Q&A at the end. Genius.

Needless to say we watched it about 20 times that night and felt like the luckiest guys on earth. Sean has since moved from laguna to las vegas and changed his name to Sean Fox.
What a Fox.

I still keep up with him on myspace and just recently had the pleasure of receiving a comment from him after i sent him this.

We used him for a Murda Corner video and he loved it. His words exactly.......
"Good song.... thanx for promoting my video! You rock! "
Sean thinks I rock. Touchdown. I'm gonna start spelling thanks like that.
Thanx Sean.


I hate kangaroos. You can eat them in Australia. That's why i went there.


Look at that monster. Obviously trying to attack me because it smells fear. They can smell fear.
"When European explorers first saw these strange hopping animals they asked a native Australian (aborigine) what they were called. He replied "kangaroo" meaning "I don't understand" your question. The explorers thought this was the animal's name. And that's how the kangaroo got its name."
How fitting is that. I don't understand either brother. Why would anyone be into this thing. Joey is a stupid name. I wouldn't name anything Joey.


I don't care what you're doing.


I found this pic on my photobucket page. This is Merlin the magician.


I went to his magic show at the rib trader for my birthday, not when i was a kid or anything, but my last birthday in march. I'm 29. He started off by crop dusting me as he was taking the order from the table behind us. Gross. He must eat there. You can't tell in the pic but he's a pretty greasy dude. Stains on his magic robe and just a bit of dinner left in his beard. Awesome. Oh, did i mention he was clearly high and most likely a little tipsy. This guy's the best. The show was all second rate magic tricks and dumb jokes but i was crowned king of the rib trader so it ruled. Thanks Merlin.